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“Be the Change You Want to See in the World”   Mahatma Gandhi

Whilst our main business is in supporting business entrepreneurship in Asia so as to allow our clients to achieve financial success, our social entrepreneurship program leverages the same analytical mindset and techniques so as to assess social opportunities throughout Asia with the aim of supporting these communities via private funding.

In our CSR space, making a profit is not the ultimate bottom line. Making the world a better place and helping communities work, are.

In this regard, Templebridge Investments has set up a private angel fund to provide assistance to private projects. The fund is named “Templebridge RealAngel Investors” and is kindly funded by like-minded individuals and companies.

Templebridge RealAngel Investors meet once a month to consider these proposals and if duly undertaken seek to act as business advisors and business mentors in social partnerships.

Requirements to access the Templebridge RealAngel Fund are:

  • A comprehensive business social plan needs to be provided (no more than 10 pages) which answers basic questions on how the funds are to be used, the expected outcomes, social community impact, as well as beneficiary interviews;
  • Plans must be written clearly in English;
  • Priority will be given to projects run by women and which benefit women and children;
  • There is no age limit to entries;
  • Regular and timely reports must be sent to Templebridge RealAngel Fund for subsequent disbursement;
  • Microloans as part of an overall program will be considered.
  • The funds must be used in developing countries only.

Kindly send all social business proposals to RealAngel@templebridge.com